Consign Agreement

Revolve Consignment Agreement: 
Thank you for consigning with Revolve, your favorite urban consignment shop. Your questions are always welcome as we do have a “process” that may be different than other stores you have worked with.  We have found our practices lead to a shared success for all of us - reading this agreement in a thorough manner will enable us all to be on the same page with aligned expectations.

We accept current (purchased in the last year or 2) styles in excellent condition of women's clothing, accessories, purses, shoes and jewelry.  Labels not accepted include Aeropostale, Target, Jc Penneys, Sears, Kohls, QVC, Old Navy, Fred Meyer brands, Forever 21, H&M and other discount store labels.  Preferred labels include: Nordstrom, Anthropology, Free People, J Crew, Ann Taylor, WHBM, Banana Republic, Lucky & Boutique Brands

We welcome drop offs up to 10 items and appointments are made for more than 10 items.  Please limit each consignment appointment to 30 items or less.  This will allow us to keep the store merchandised well with shopable racks displaying only the best quality pieces!  Allow 30 minutes for your clothes to be processed.  We value your time - customers are our first priority and we juggle processing with serving our customers always with the intent to take care of your consignment as quickly as possible.  Staff is busy with opening and closing procedures 1/2 hour after opening and 1/2 hour before closing - please do not bring items in during these times.

Please bring clothes clean, wrinkle free and on hangers ready for sale. Hangers will be returned to you.  No items with loose buttons, tears, alterations, stains or strong odors (such as cigerette smoke, spices or...marijuana) are accepted.   Make sure your labels are clean, under arms are without deodorant and that your collars aren't discolored from hanging/wear.  Shoes must be in NEW condition with no scuffs or toe marks.  We select only current styles.  Our store reserves the right to add a nominal buyers fee for each item handled which is not shared with you the consignor.

Consignment periods are 90 days from the date it arrives on the sales floor and will be subject to markdowns up to 50%. Consignors may take back their unsold items for any reason at anytime during the consignment period.  Revolve can pull items off the floor for any reason at anytime. Items that are found to be defective or unacceptable after being received will be donated to our charity of choice.

You will receive 40% less credit used.  Your account balance may be used as store credit as soon as it accrues and is good for up to 1 year.  Using store credit allows you a 10% discount on all regular price items.  You may also request payment at the end of the consignment period. Checks are not written for accounts with less than a $25.00 balance - it can be used as credit or added to the next payout.  6 months after the end of your consignment period, the money in your account will be available as store credit only to be used within an additional 6 months. WE DO NOT MAIL CHECKS 

We take care with all merchandise, however, Revolve Consignment is not responsible for items lost or damaged by steaming, trying on, theft, fire or flood.  

Pickup and payment procedure:

Checks are available upon request with at the end of each of your consignment periods (90 days) for pick up in the store on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the next month.  Consignors with the last names that start with the letters A through L will be paid on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and consignors with the last names that start with M through Z will be paid on the 4th Wednesday of the month following the request.  Ex.  A person with the last name of Thorne has a consignment period that ends in May; she may request a payment by May 30th and receive it on the 4th Wednesday in June.  Lost checks require a Reissuing Fee of $10 and a Bank Stop Payment Fee of $30.  WE DO NOT MAIL CHECKS - NO EXCEPTIONS TO RULE.

All items must be picked up at the end of your 90 day consignment period or they will revert to the property of Revolve Consignment.  Call two days in advance if you prefer to pick up your unsold items.  You have a 1 week grace period.

Thank you once again.  You are a part of Revolve and we appreciate you. ​