Consignor Code Of Conduct

Consignor Promise
  • I promise to respect that Revolve Consignment is a place of peace and joy.
  • I promise to ask as many questions as I need in order to understand Revolve Consignment’s policy.  I also know that the entire policy is on the website for me to view at any time and it is printed in the store for me to see when I visit the store.  It is my responsibility to periodically review the policy for updates. 
  • I agree to honor the date constraints related to payouts and credit usage. 
  • If I do not agree to anything in the policy, I can respectfully decide to not consign.
  • I understand completely that Revolve Staff is here as a labor of LOVE.  Staff is so very thankful to work in an environment that truly empowers women in our community  by  providing an affordable way to buy clothing and accessories that allow them to go out in this world and shine in their own authentic style. 
  • Along with all the other like minded consignors, I am willingly partnering with Revolve and am an important part of the community .  I understand  that my account will be closed if I do not follow these rules of kind conduct.
We want consigning to be a happy experience for you and our staff.